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We specialize in the smaller bullier and regular size style French Bulldog and have over 10 years experience with the french bulldogs and combine of over 30 years in breeding purebred registed dogs.  We are experts in raising rare colored French Bulldog Puppies but raise other colors as well.  Our French Bulldogs come in a variety of colors from standard to the most rare.  With my 20 years of Vet Nurse experience we take pride in our "Home-Raising" all our puppies, warm, safe and sanitary enviorment.  We are multi Kennel Club registered such as AKC, UKC and ABKC and extensively involved in clubs and organizations that are focused on Bully Type Breeds.




If you are interested in purchasing a French Bulldog Puppy, we highly recommend you to view our available puppies.  Please check back often and contact us as we may have different colors in the near future using the link below.


Welcome to GOMEZ BULLYS once known as GOMEZPITS Kennel.

Famously known for producing some of the most famous female bullies in the world.  Home of ABKC National Grand Champion Xica and Multi Best in Breed Winner, number 1 top Bitch French Bulldog ABKC National Grand Champion Charlie, UKC Champion. 

TXT us anytime with any question regarding my dogs and puppies 


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Home of ABKC National Grand Champion 2009-2010 American Bully Gomezpits Xica

ABKC National Grand Champion 2011-2012 French Bulldog Veruca Salt Best of Breed Winner 2011, 2012 and 2013 with record-breaking 50 Best of Breeds in one year




"Family Raised, Sound Temperament & Show Quality American Bullies, Pit Bull s, French Bulldogs"

We are dedicated breeders of UKC (United Kennel Club) American Pit Bull Terriers, ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) American Bullies and AKC (American Kennel Club) French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs.

Our dogs are dual registered with American Bully Kennel Club also known as the ABKC and United Kennel club UKC. We are in the process of developing a champion bloodline with the use of our dogs from our own yard and in collaboration with other kennel members with the same vision.

You can find us across the Country at Bully and PitBull events hosted by the ABKC and UKC. Gomezpits has been featured in many Magazines such as: Atomic Dogg, Bully Soup and Blue Legacy. We also have been interviewed and featured on Many West Coats Bully DVD's', :The American Bully Show", Bully TV, Mythology Kennels "The West Was Won" DVD and Music Videos. 

We promote healthy socialized puppies by raising our litters within our home with only the best of care.

Absolutly No Cash Refunds on Deposits made on live puppies and adult dogs

Live Animal Shipping Information:

Shipping cost for Lower 48 States and Puerto Rico (does not include Hawaii or Guam) starts at $450.00 USD for puppies and $600 for puppies older than 6 months of age.

Ground Shipping: $400-500

Buyers are responsible of all shipping cost which include; crate, health certificate, and flight reservation. All of our pups are shipped with a Health Certificate signed by our Veterinarian, up to date vaccinations, deworming and dose of monthly flea and heartworm preventative.  Registration paper will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail with Tracking.  

We ship using the following Airlines: UNITE PETSAFE  or Puppy Nanny

For International shipping we use Lufthansa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air China ans Air Canada.  

For Door to Door Service you can contact for a shipping quote:

Favio Cangiano, website: www.animalcargo.com.ar                                               






Serving Countries All Around The World!

Mexico Canada Puerto Rico Italy Brazil United Kingdom France Netherlands Indonesia Philippines Spain Germany Argentina Australia Thailand Greece Peru Belgium Guam Romania Malaysia Vietnam Colombia Sweden South Africa Hungary India Ecuador Egypt Trinidad and Tobago Japan Jamaica Malta Panama Guatemala Bahamas China Bolivia Finland New Zealand Northern Mariana Islands Russian Federation Bulgaria Turkey Pakistan Cayman Islands Israel Poland Chile Austria Dominican Republic Serbia United Arab Emirates Czech Republic Costa Rica Uruguay Switzerland Tunisia Virgin Islands, U.S. Guadeloupe Paraguay Croatia Macedonia Ireland Ireland Slovakia Saudi Arabia Lithuania Denmark Lebanon Belize Taiwan Algeria Norway Hong Kong Guyana Zimbabwe Saint Lucia Slovenia Zambia Kazakhstan Cyprus Singapore Venezuela Netherlands Antilles Barbados Portugal Ukraine Iceland Morocco Amsterdam Gomez Bullies Gomezpits Gomez Bullys Gomez Bullyz; Home of the most ABKC Champions in the world.  Breeders of show quality and extreme Razors Edge and Gottyline American Bullies Rare Colored French Bulldogs Chocolate French Bulldog Blue French Bulldog French Bulldog Puppies For Sale  

At Gomezpitz we breed Blue Pit bulls or Blue Pit Bulls. At Gomezbullys breed and specialize in the short blue pit bulls, wide blue pit bulls, national grand champion xica and bully blue pit bulls also known  the blue American Pit Bull Terrier. We also have other colors other than the blue pit bull. Like blue fawn pit bulls, blue brindle pit bulls. Not only do we have Blue Pit Bulls puppies for sale but we have Big blue pit bull puppies for sale , Blue Gottiline pit bull puppies, Razor Edge pit bull puppies for sale, Blue American pit bull terrier puppies for sale, Blue short, wide, bully pit bull puppies for sale. At Ruffneckpitz we strive to produce the biggest blue pit bull, big blue pit bulls that will produce the best blue pit bull puppy's and big blue pit bull puppy's or big blueAmerican pit bull puppy's for sale. We also strive to produce the Biggest head on blue pit bull puppy's, widest blue pit bull puppy's for sale.  Gomezpits kennel is one of the best pit bull and blue pit bull breeders in the world. All of Gomez Bullys pit bulls or blue pit bulls or blue American pit bulls and blue pit bull puppies for sale are purple ribbon bred and UKC registered ABKC registered and ADBA registered. Our goal is to breed the biggest blue pit bulls and the biggest blue American pit bull terrier in the world. Our blue pit bull puppies for sale and pit bull puppies for sale andAmerican pit bull terriers for sale" all come with health certificate and guarantee. Meaning your pit bull puppies, blue pit bull puppies and  blueAmerican pit bull puppies for sale are the best pit bull puppies, blue pit bull puppies and  blue American pit bull puppies in the world. Our blue pit bulls and  blue pit bull puppies for sale as  blue American pit bulls have big heads, wide chest and are  short pit bulls. We have some of the best blue American pit bulls off of the Gotty or Gotti or Gottiline or gottiline bloodline in the world. Also some of the best blue American pit bull puppies for sale off of the Razors Edge or Razors Edge  , razors edge bloodline in the world. Gotti or Gotty goes back to grey line bloodline. Grey line started the gottiline or Gotty, gotti bloodline. Our blue pit bulls and blue American pit bulls are direct  grandsons   and grand daughters off of Notorious Juan Gotty orNotorious Juan gotti and West side  Monster  CAI, Purple Rose o Cairo razors edge. We also have some blue puppies for sale sometimes off of  Razors Edge ,Gotti or Gotty and Monster or  West Side Monster and Blue King and CAI or Razors Edge bloodline. Our blue pit bulls or blue American pit bulls are raised with adult blue pit bulls and blue pit bulls for sale. In our opinion we have the best blue American pit bulls and best blue American pit bull puppies for sale and  blue pit bulls in the world. Feel free to browse all of our gottiline , gotti, gotty pit bulls and our razors edge,razors edge  Certified , blue pit bulls. View all of our  gottiline or  gotty line  blue pit bull breeding's . Also check out  blue pit bull puppies for sale and our blue American pit bull puppies for sale. Thanks for taking the time to view our blue pit bulls and blue American pit bull puppies for sale at Ruffneckpitz. Give Gomezpits a call to today to own your very own Gomezbullys blue pit bull puppy or blue pit bull or American pit bull puppy. Come and visit Gomezpits anytime and be sure to vote for us on top sites on home page. 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